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Green & Lyme

Quarter Box Stickers: Warm Colors

Use our quarter box stickers to keep track of appointments, write down your tasks, note homework or reading, and so much more. Color code to make staying organized even easier. Layer our emoji stickers or other stickers to create something unique.

Printed on Premium Matte Paper: Our paper is smooth and luscious with vibrant colors. Pens glide across our stickers and we find most do not smudge. Even Papermate Inkjoys dry quickly on our sticker paper! Test your own pens in the "pen test" area.

Difference between Vertical and Horizontal Boxes: Horizontal Boxes are slightly shorter and wider than Vertical Boxes. Our stickers fit our planner refills best, but they work great in many other planners too!


Vertical Sheet : Designed to fit perfectly in the boxes on any of our Vertical Refill Pages. They also fit most other popular vertical boxes, including EC boxes. Each quarter box measures approx. 1.5 x .5 inches,  Full Sheet Size: 6.5 x 5 inches

Horizontal Sheet: Designed to fit perfectly on any of our Horizontal Refill Pages. They also fit most other popular horizontal boxes. Each quarter box measures: 1.69 x .5 inches, Full Sheet Size:  6.5 x 5  inches

Designed to best fit our refill pages, but you can use our stickers in other planners too.

Quick Tip: Our stickers can be easily trimmed with small scissors to fit other planners. We prefer to use straight cuticle scissors, but any small pair will do!

Created in Orange County, California

Planner, accessories, and additional stickers sold separately.

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