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Green & Lyme

Imperfect Galaxy Spark Pen: Silver Crystal Gel Pen

$5.00 each / Original Retail Price: $8.50 each

This Galaxy Spark Pen is a beautiful mirrored silver gel pen with diamond white crystals. Our gel pens are gorgeously packaged and ready to gift!

  • Color: Midas Spark Pen - Mirrored Silver
  • Type: Black Refillable Gel Ink
  • Tip Size: .5mm fine point
  • Pen Length/Width with Cap: ~5.75 inches x .75 inch

This product listing is for 1 imperfect pen and 2 complimentary gel ink refills. Additional pen refills are available to purchase separately. This product listing does not include any additional accessories.

What does "imperfect" mean?

Each Spark Pen is hand inspected and hand packaged. During this process we have set aside anything that is less than perfect. Imperfect Spark Pens didn't quite make the cut, but they are completely functional and beautiful. These Spark Pens may have minor scuffs or scratches, bubbles, minor chips in some areas, etc.

Please only order an imperfect product if you are completely okay with having an item that is less than perfect. There WILL be at least one flaw and in some cases there are more than one. The flaw(s) could appear on any part of the Spark Pen.

Please do NOT buy an imperfect product if you will be disappointed with any type of flaw. Each product is different so we can't guarantee you will receive a product with a specific flaw.

*Additional discounts are not valid on the products included in the Imperfect Sale.*

[ Click Here for step by step instructions on how to replace the gel ink cartridge in your Spark Pen Crystal Gel Pen ]


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