How to Replace Spark Pen Gel Ink Cartridges


  1. Remove the cap. Hold the barrel of the pen tightly, and twist counterclockwise.
  2. Remove the tip and the gel ink cartridge carefully. There is a spring inside the barrel that must be left in place. It is attached, but over time it could come loose. This does not negatively effect your Spark Pen. Please be careful and keep your spring inside the barrel. Your pen will not work without the spring. G&L is not responsible for lost springs and cannot replace your pen if this happens.
  3. Remove the old gel ink cartridge and insert the new gel ink cartridge. Each Spark Pen comes with a total of 3 cartridges (one inside the pen & two complimentary replacements). If you find one skips more than expected, you can easily switch it out and you won't need to wait for a replacement. Additional refill cartridges are available to purchase here.
  4. Press and twist the tip on clockwise. Replace your cap. If you have trouble removing your cap, be sure to twist the tip clockwise again to make it snug.

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