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Wild Paper Clip

Our shaped paper clips are both beautiful and functional. This "wild" paper clip was created from my own handwriting and is a Green & Lyme Original Design. It is also our very first rose gold paper clip. Add a little personality to your pages. Green & Lyme paper clips are carefully crafted from heavy duty wire making them the highest quality available on the market. Use this paper clip to keep pages together, mark your place, or as decoration. Who says paper clips need to be boring? Use this paper clip in your planner, journal, notebook, and more.

Our paper clip inventory rotates so if you see a paper clip you like, grab it now. It may not be back again. Available while supplies last.

  • Green & Lyme Original Design
  • Shaped Paper Clip (1 piece)
  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Approximate Size: 1.5 x .5"

Packaged on premium G&L pocket card with cellophane covering for protection making it the perfect gift for a stationery lover.

Please Note: Due to the nature of shaped wire, you may find some paper clips are initially very tight. With use they will loosen a bit. You can also lightly pull the clip away from the body. Be gentle not to pull it too far. Once a paper clip has been stretched too far it cannot be bent back to the original shape. This is not a defect, but is just the nature of shaped wire.

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